Why it is important to find out more about the company that you want to work for?

In the very beginning, when you are looking for a new role it is very easy to only look for the measurement that you think is important..money. But in the long run this will not make you happy alone. A new role is a mixture of different things  that allows you to be yourself. So we walked away from this and tried to understand what motivates people to work somewhere. One thing was, to remove the money tag on a job and rather show estimates,low medium and high. If you remove the money tag, the question becomes what is really good about this role. And there are different easy things that you can measure.  

What is important for you besides money? Is it how the team is setup, if the it job has challenging enough parts in it? What kind of people working there? How does the company handle failure?

Just things that matter.




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